Top 3 Round Up: Solid Foods for Solid Moods

February 5, 2018 10:54 am Published by Comment

Welcome to the Smith Transport blog, a special little corner of our website where we like to keep drivers in the loop on all things trucking. We try to keep things light-hearted here, so today we’ll take a look at a simple way you can keep your spirits high on the road.

You’ll be happy to hear that one of the best ways to stockpile good vibes is through food. However, you must be sure you’re eating the right foods that support better moods. Keep reading for three top sources of cheerful chow!

1. Fish

One of the best ways to stay in good spirits on the road is to stay mentally sharp. We all know that this means getting plenty of sleep and exercise, but food can do a lot to help as well. Known as a “brain food,” fish is chocked full of omega-3s. These magical molecules are powerful sources of mental focus and reliability. You shouldn’t be surprised – the largest concentrations of omega-3s in the human body are found in the brain. So dig into some seafood to keep on your toes.

2. Peppers

Not everyone loves spicy food, but there’s plenty of reason to consider making friends with fiery peppers and such. The active ingredient in spicy goods is capsaicin. This chemical really sets off receptors in the brain and releases endorphins – the same chemical set loose by just about every enjoyable activity you can think of. Not only do they serve up flavor, but peppers also can help reduce headaches and have even been found to reduce the risk of certain cancers. So don’t feel self-conscious if you like to go heavy on the hot sauce!

3. Tomatoes

Finally, consider making red (or green) tomatoes part of your regular diet. These little guys contain lycopene – a natural ingredient that fights back against compounds linked to feelings of depression. Lycopene also fights several types of cancer. One scientific study even found a group of people that consumed more lycopene lived more than a decade longer than those who consumed the least! Of course, a pint of ketchup may not be the most healthy delivery method for lycopene, but at least you’re getting a little bit (right?)

So there you have it: three foods you can count on to keep your spirits up over the road. Next time you hear your stomach rumbling, don’t fall into the fast food trap—pick up some power foods to keep on smiling and keep on trucking!

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