A Long History Of Treating Drivers With Respect

History-1We’ve built our company on three things: safety, service and treating our employees with respect. And it’s those qualities that have earned us our outstanding reputation among drivers.

We were founded by a truck driver, Mr. Barry F. Smith, who got involved in the trucking industry as a child, making repairs to his father’s three trucks. By age 16 he had begun contracting to haul creamery milk and cream in his local area. Two years later, at age 18, he started his long-haul career in trucking as an independent contractor while managing a fleet of five trucks for his father.





Fast-forward to today, and Pennsylvania-based Smith Transport has grown from five units to more than 1,000, with a full logistics service department and 3 million feet of warehouse space. But as large as we’ve become, we’ve never lost our focus on the importance of each one of our truck drivers. And that’s what sets us apart from all the other trucking companies.





ESOP Plan • Our Employees Are The Owners

When you drive for Smith Transport, you’re earning more than just a good paycheck. You’re also investing in providing a real return for yourself, your family and your fellow drivers. That’s because we are an employee-owned company. Through our Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), you’ll have the privilege of sharing in the success of the company in a real and tangible way.