A Trucking Kind Of Thanksgiving

November 20, 2017 7:00 pm Published by Comment

What are you thankful for? Some common themes may come to mind. We all love our families and friends, and we all appreciate the empowerment of working hard and earning a solid living – not much argument there. But this is a trucking blog, so what does this have to do with trucking anyway? At Smith Transport, it means everything.

Many people join the transportation industry because they appreciate the great job opportunities. In an industry that is responsible for moving nearly quarters of all freight in America, there’s plenty of work to be done. And when you aim to get behind the wheel for a top-tier carrier, you should aim beyond just a paycheck. Around here, we value providing great benefits to drivers too – that includes generous time off. There’s no doubt professional drivers spend a lot of time on the road, but that doesn’t mean we should miss a tasty turkey dinner (not at Smith anyway).

Now once your food-coma wears off, your attention may slowly return to more standard affairs. Quality time with family is undoubtedly valuable, but your time at work should be as well. Today’s market is a driver’s market. Quite a shortage of safe and qualified professional drivers exists, meaning there’s a great opportunity for both new drivers and well-tested operators who are looking for a better deal. Salaries are rising and folks like Smith are keen to make joining worth your while.

Now, we may not have changed your mind regarding what you are most thankful for this year, but we do hope we’ve shed some light on how driving for Smith is compatible with those priorities. Once you’ve awoken from that post dinner nap, ask yourself:

Am I a safe driver? Am I committed to growing my career? Am I ready to upgrade to a carrier that cares about its drivers?

If so, give one of Smith Transport’s recruiters a call at 866.265.3718 or take a moment to apply online. And while you’re at it, share your story with us and give us a follow on Facebook and Twitter!

Happy Thanksgiving! THANK YOU to all professional truck drivers for moving America forward each and everyday.

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