Tips To Keep An Organized Cab In The Truck

February 17, 2017 4:59 pm Published by Comment

Life on the road as a driver means adjusting to everyday life behind the wheel, and that includes getting creative with storage space inside the cab of a semi truck. When you have a limited amount of storage room, it can be hard to stay organized. And being organized is essential to your comfort and success! Fortunately, Smith Transport has a few simple solutions that can make life on the road more comfortable.

Here are some of the best ways to keep an organized truck:

Damage-Free Hanging Hooks

This powerful little product may be your new best friend! A truck usually doesn’t come with coat hooks, so alternatively you could use a mounting strip like Command Hooks in the cab to hang jackets, purses, and anything in between. There are a lot of options available, however the sticky strips that adhere to surfaces are great. They’re damage-free and super easy to apply and remove.

Storage Containers

Plastic storage containers are inexpensive and are perfect to store items in and place under the bunk. Write or put labels on the containers so you can quickly identify what’s in where. It’s also not a bad idea to purchase a few different sizes—everybody likes to have choices! Plus, the small sizes may come in handy if you need to take multiple items with you inside a rest stop.

Stackable Totes

These totes can take up very little floor space, and stack vertically to maximize the area even more. They’re ideal for storing clothes, DVDs, dry/canned food, bottled water, and other personal items inside the cab.

Tip: For any food that comes with a box or extra wrapping that’s not needed, toss it. (Products like cereal, fruit cups, granola bars, etc. are good examples). Getting rid of the outer box surprisingly makes a big difference.

Clean Out Trash at Every Stop

Spending long hours in the cab of your truck can quickly lead to a build up of clutter. Take the time to empty your trash bin every time you stop for rest or fuel. It sounds simple, but it’s a great habit to start incorporating in your everyday routine. A clean cab is a happy cab!


How do you best utilize storage space in the cab? Tell us in the comments below!

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