Tips for a Clean Big Rig

January 12, 2017 10:26 am Published by Comment

At Smith Transport, we are keen to keep our truck drivers well-informed on the latest news in the transportation industry. But sometimes it’s just as useful to take a few minutes for some house cleaning. And by house cleaning, we mean washing, waxing, and all those good things. In other words, taking a few minutes to show pride in your ride with a clean big rig. So how do we like to go about it?


Look out for number one – If you’re like a lot of us and you’re spending some nights in your sleeper cabin, that could be a good place to start. Hit the carpet with a mini-vac, wash those bedding items, and don’t forget to hit the dash and other plastic or leather areas with protectant products. You’re not just getting rid of dust and other nasties, you’re protecting your truck from those harmful summer UV rays.

Head outside – Obviously, the exterior of your truck is the one taking most of the cosmetic damage. The good thing is that most of it will come off with a little simple elbow grease. When handwashing – which is far better for your paint than a power washer or automatic wash – you’ll be thankful if you start on the higher section of your rig. That way dirty water and soap won’t run down over clean spots later on. Of course, a ladder will be pretty darn useful so long as you set it up safely.

Don’t forget the wax – Sure, a big rig is, well, a pretty big surface for an old-fashioned hand waxing, but doing so is sure to make your ride one of the best looking pieces of equipment on the road. Whether you drive for yourself or a company like Smith, taking some pride in your rig is one of those things others notice. Even better, the up close and personal nature of hand waxing will help you spot any areas of rust, corrosion, or other damage that you may miss otherwise. Catch a small blemish early, and it won’t become a large one later!

wax on wax off

The intangibles – Beyond the benefits of looking pretty n’ shiny, washing a vehicle can be an almost spiritual experience. A solid late-summer cleaning offers a chance to commune with the iron horse you rely on every day. What does she have to say? Has a gauge been looking a little off the normal mark? Are you sensing a slight pull to one side? Where’s that annoying whistling coming from? Whether you spot a low or damaged tire, some worn out weather stripping, or a pesky fluid leak, taking the time to clean your rig will often bring you closer to understanding exactly what’s going on under the hood and where the rubber meets the road. And that’s worth knowing!

Now, we’d never claim that old-school handwashing is easy, quick, or incredibly enjoyable, but don’t you think your big rig deserves it? The more you take care of your equipment, the better you’ll feel as a professional driver behind the wheel. Take pride in your ride and drive safe!

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