Easy Exercises For Truck Drivers

January 18, 2017 1:53 pm Published by Comment

Life as a truck driver has tons of perks like great pay and benefits, freedom of life on the road, and the opportunity to move up in the industry. It’s true professional drivers spend a lot of time in the cab. But for those who think choosing a career in trucking means giving up a life of fitness, think again!

Smith Transport understands that health is important while earning a living behind the wheel, so we’ve pulled together a few helpful resources and exercise tips for OTR drivers.

No-Equipment-Needed Workouts

These workouts can be done at any time of the day, and the great thing is you don’t need to buy or haul around any equipment. Simply get out of your truck and get started!

If you’re looking to mix it up, a great way to rev up these workouts is with Interval Training. Here’s a nice article from the folks at TheHealthyTrucker.net on Interval Training Routines.

Kettlebell Exercises

Kettlebells are inexpensive, fairly lightweight, and don’t require a lot of space. These workouts help to build strength and endurance in your lower back, legs, and shoulders. Kettlebell exercises are a popular choice for truck drivers because it’s a quick and effective way to stay in shape.

The experts at Men’s Fitness have beginner-friendly kettlebell exercises here. You can also check out this YouTube video from TheHealthyTrucker.net for 8 basic workouts.

Use a Pedometer or Activity Tracker

When you’re monitoring progress, it’s easier to stay on track with meeting your goals. Track your way to better health with these options:

Pedometer – There are so many pedometer options out there to track your number of daily steps, calories burned, and more. Just pick your preference. You can buy one to wear around your wrist everyday, or download an app. In fact, newer iOS versions have a built-in pedometer, so you may already be set!

Food and Activity Tracker – Monitor your progress as you work to improve habits with a daily journal. For example, Driving Healthy created this simple tool for tracking exercise patterns as well as eating habits. With just a check mark, you can feel good about staying on the right path.


The fact is that truck drivers face unconventional hours, lack of movement, and sometimes limited food options on the road. But luckily with these easy exercises and tools specifically for truck drivers, the road to a healthy lifestyle can be your next exit!

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