4 Trucking Safety Tips for Night Driving

December 5, 2016 9:21 am Published by Comment

Some professional truck drivers prefer daytime driving, while some prefer the less congested roadways of nighttime shifts. Everyone can certainly appreciate less traffic! However, there is a dark side to the more peaceful driving environment and lighter traffic: the increased chances of potentially dangerous scenarios. Fortunately, there are safeguards to keep drivers secure while driving at night.

Take a look at these four trucking safety tips from Smith Transport:

1. Set a Sleep Schedule

Decide on the hours you will sleep—and stick to the schedule. Going to bed and waking up at the same times every day are keys to healthy sleep. If you need help with remembering when to get some shuteye, try using an app such as the new iOS Bedtime feature.

Another good way to discipline your body with a healthy sleep pattern is to avoid hitting the snooze button on the alarm. It’s tempting, we know… but the ups and downs of in-and-out-snoozing aren’t doing your body any favors. Once you’ve become accustomed to a regular sleeping schedule, you’ll discover how great and alert you feel, whether it’s day or night.

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2. Slow Down

Darkness may carry a sense of calm and peace for drivers on the road, but it also comes with decreased visibility. This of course greatly increases the risk of accidents. Drivers should always obey the speed limit, but it’s particularly critical to slow down at night. Some places post separate, lower speed limits for nighttime driving. As you reduce your speed, increase your following distance. The combination of these tactics improves reaction time and keeps every driver safer on the road.

3. Snack Healthy

Snacking on the road raises your blood sugar and can help with alertness, but think before reaching for sweet-laden treats. Sugary snacks might give you a temporary boost in energy, but your body can crash quickly and hard afterwards. Whether the sun or moon is out, have a stocked cab with crunchy, healthy snacks to keep you attentive and sustained for the long haul.

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4. Pull Over

It’s inevitable that you will eventually grow tired behind the wheel, and avoiding drowsy driving is Number 1 when it comes to safe driving techniques. If you find yourself yawning and your eyes drooping, pull over right away. You never want to be on the road when you feel like you might fall asleep. It’s so important for truck drivers to get enough rest for their safety and the safety of others!

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