10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Truck Drivers

December 19, 2016 11:01 pm Published by Comment

It’s officially late December, a special time of year filled with decorating the home for the holidays, cooking meals and making travel plans, and of course shopping for presents to put under the tree. If you’re still thinking hard on the perfect gift for someone who spends much of their time earning money behind the wheel, we have a few trucker ideas that can help!

From Smith Transport, take a look at these 10 gift ideas for truck drivers:

1. Driver’s Seat Comfort Cushion
Something to make their “three window office” more comfortable.

2. The Compact Travel Cooler
Make sure foods and snacks are ready for the road.

3. LED Flashlight
A handy tool to keep them out of the dark.

4. Electric Blanket for Vehicles
A great way to stay warm in the cab on those cold winter nights.

5. Coffee and Beverage Mug
Something to get them going in the morning.

6. Travel Tool Set
If it’s broke, help them fix it.

7. Mobile Slow Cooker
An easy way to add ingredients, drive, and dinner is ready.

8. Cell Phone Charger Case
To always be charged up and never out of touch.

9. Shower Kit / Travel Toiletry Bag
The ideal gift when it’s time for a hot shower and clean shave.

10. Audiobooks
An audiobook subscription so they can listen to what they like, when they like.

Of course, the links we’ve shared here are just some examples of what we found and we encourage you to look around for the gift that’s best for your situation. That said, we certainly hope that these ideas will help you find the perfect gift for the truck driver in your life.

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