4 Free Mobile Games for Staying Connected On The Road

October 6, 2016 4:02 pm Published by Comment

At Smith Transport, we endeavor to put our professional drivers first at every turn. Our drivers get to decide weekly or bi-weekly home time because we know how important family is. But while they’re on the road beefing up that bank account, truck drivers can often use some help staying connected with family and friends.

So to offer some creativity in this area, we’ve done a little digging – and asking around – and found a few fun ways to keep friends and family in touch.

Here are our 4 favorite free mobile games that can turn any bit of downtime into family time:

Words With Friends – Fancy yourself a specialist of syntax or doctor of diction? This oldie but goodie is similar to Scrabble™ (also good choice) and allows players to play with one another over a long period of time. This means the app works on your time. You can play whatever word fits from your choice of letters whenever it’s convenient for you.

Hangman – Another old standby, this classic of bored schooldays is available in many free forms on just about any mobile device. Take a break to hang loose but keep the man off the noose!

Draw Something – Now this is one of our favorites. The app essentially combines a game of charades and an old Microsoft Paint program in the palm of your hand. You and your challenger can take turns drawing a secret word or phrase that only you know. Your drawing may end up looking like a Picasso or a Pollock, but art criticism isn’t on the table here – just make sure your partner can guess the phrase in time!

QuizUp – A favorite of our academic-types, this trivia game allows you to test your mental might against that of your friends or even random strangers. In the latter case, you’ll be matched with users from all around the world based on your interests. You can choose to pursue various topics from sports to history. If you’re the type that notices new and obscure license plates on the road, you’ll probably appreciate the name the flag game, where speed and accuracy are measured in identifying flags of the world.

We hope you’ll find our list both fun and fulfilling. These games – and many, many others – are great ways to stay connected to friends and family no matter where your big rig takes you. Just keep the game play to your downtime of course and stay safe! If you have a favorite game you’re interested in sharing with us, let us know in the comments below.

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