“Operation Safe Driver Week” Dates Announced

August 3, 2016 4:38 pm Published by Comment

For those of us that spend our time earning money behind the wheel at Smith Transport, we keep our eyes peeled for industry developments that might affect not only our own operations, but also those of the trucking community in general. One of those periodic developments is the implementation of the annual Operation Safe Driver Week, and the 2016 dates have just been announced!

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s enforcement campaign is set to run from October 16—October 22, and you can bet law enforcement is taking note. The goal of this week is to take a bite out of unsafe driving behaviors attributed to both passenger vehicle and commercial vehicle operators.

According to highway safety studies conducted by the Federal Motor Highway Safety Administration, typical and everyday poor driving behaviors are to blame for nearly nine out of ten large truck crashes on American roads. During Operation Safe Driver Week, authorities in the United States, Canada, and Mexico will be out and about conducting inspections and issuing citations in efforts to keep these numbers down.

So what are they looking for?

As you’d expect, common violations like size and weight overages, speeding, and mobile phone usage while driving will likely top the list of violations. But we wouldn’t be surprised if more intensive inspections of brakes, indicator lights, and other necessities take place too. Be smart and be prepared.

If you’re curious just what all this means for the trucking industry, consider that Operation Safe Driver Week reportedly resulted more than 21,000 vehicles being pulled over and certified personnel conducting roadside inspections of nearly 20,000 separate vehicles in 2015.

CVSA President Major Jay Thompson with the Arkansas Highway Police says, “Our mission is to make our roadways as safe as possible. We will continue to work toward that goal by ensuring drivers are operating safely in and around large trucks and buses.”

So take notice, and take care to make sure your rig is compliant.

Although the benefits may be especially pronounced on down the road this October, putting safe driving first is key to every safe and successful haul. We’re proud to take that ideology to heart at Smith Transport, and that’s why we’ve made safe driving a part of who we are. We hope you’ll keep that in mind next time you see one of our trademark rigs cruising by!

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