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June 1, 2016 11:56 am Published by Comment

At Smith Transport, we feel proud to be part of the trucking industry and help America move forward. Professional truck drivers are vital to the economy, and Smith is always looking for new talent to add to our top of the line fleet!

And like just about every other trucking company, we’re interested in keeping our talented and dedicated drivers behind the wheel for a long, productive, and successful career in the industry. Physical and mental fitness is key, but it isn’t always easy to keep in shape on the road. In fact, a 2014 study found approximately 69% to be overweight. So what can drivers do to keep health concerns from putting the brakes on a rewarding career?

Exercise. It should be no surprise that a healthy body, mind, and figure are dependent on working out. From what we’ve heard though, truck drivers often feel that they don’t have sufficient time, and much less facilities to get an adequate sweat going. Well, it turns out that exercising in shorts spurts – as short as 15-20 minutes – can be just as beneficial as spending hours in the gym. So there go the excuses! Snag a short, fast-paced run and get back to logging miles, without logging the unnecessary calories.

Eat right. Again, no surprise here, but the siren call of a cheeseburger can be especially tempting after a long day over the road. Fast food and caffeinated soft drinks are a simple and widely available source of caloric intake for drivers across the country. Still, little changes can go a long way. Truck stops and fast food restaurants are increasingly offering selections of fruits, veggies, and other power foods that will fuel you up without filling you out. And if you just must have that savory favorite, try loading heavier calories meals earlier in the day, when you have a full day ahead to burn off fuel.

Get your mind right. Miles equal money, but cash alone won’t make a life on the road as fulfilling as it can be. Take some time to disengage mentally at regular intervals. Turning on the TV before bed doesn’t necessarily count. Maybe take an hour to read or have a walk around town. And when you’re home, be sure to prioritize rest as much as possible and spend time with family and friends. Beyond making for a happier day behind the wheel, a recent study found that drivers enjoying more time off subsequently logged more miles – and earned more money – once they returned to the cab. Lucky for drivers, companies like us at Smith Transport have taken notice, and adjusted our benefits packages to reflect this reality.

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