7 Power Foods – Stay Healthy, Stay Alert

April 27, 2016 12:32 pm Published by Comment

At Smith Transport, we know that long days behind the wheel can be quick to wear out even with the most dedicated and focused truck driver, and that’s why every little boost to energy and wellness is worth its weight in gold. But coffee and energy drinks aren’t the end of the road in pick-me-ups. Instead, consider adding some of these highly energetic – and highly portable – treats to your diet.

Almonds – Tasty and incredibly easy to pack and carry, these little guys are magnesium and B vitamins that assist your body in its efforts to convert food to usable energy. About two-dozen almonds or so is the recommended portion for boosting your energy without boosting your waistline.

Bananas – Cheap and plentiful, these friendly fruits are chocked full of potassium and perfect for breakfast. The nutrients in bananas also help to build muscle, so they’re a great treat for before or after a workout.

Peanut Butter – Not every healthy food has to be low in calories. This perfectly pasty edible is full of calories that will provide a solid boost of energy throughout your day. Peanut butter also offers high levels of protein and fiber. Even better, it goes great with bananas on a sandwich or straight up! Just keep the consumption reasonable.

Kale – You’ve probably heard it too many times, but kale is a seriously solid alternative to boring iceberg lettuce. Nutrient rich greens and a little more satisfying to chew, kale goes great as a salad base, thrown into some pasta, or just about any way you like it.

Oatmeal – This classic standby is filling and full of fiber. It’s also reasonably low calorie if you can manage to keep the brown sugar and/or other toppings within a reasonable range. Even better for truck drivers, it’s easy to store for long periods of time. Just add hot water and grub down.

Whole Grain Breads – If you’re a sandwich fan, like most everyone, trade in the processed white breads for some whole grain varieties. These goods are all healthy cards and take longer to digest than other breads. This means they provide more steady supplies of energy to prevent ups and downs.

Fish and Seafood – Whether you go for a simple tin of albacore tuna or a fancier display of fresh sushi, fish and shellfish are a great delivery system for iron and minerals, as well as heart-healthy fatty acids. Of course, steer clear of the fried stuff if you can.


Coffee is great and energy drinks are sometimes necessary, but a little additional meal planning can keep your body and mind fueled without creating the ups and downs associated with caffeinated beverages. Not to mention the steady supply of fuel, your body will thank you for the healthy lifestyle you’re living along the way.

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