Truck Driving Safety Tips For Rainy Weather

March 7, 2016 11:57 am Published by Comment

April showers bring May flowers, but what do March showers bring? We at Smith Transport aren’t so sure either. But even a light rain can definitely bring safety hazards anytime of the year. Are your skills up to the task of navigating the next downpour? Whether you’re on four wheels or eighteen, take a look at these safe-driving tips to keep rolling smoothly and securely on wet roads.

First, spend a few minutes preparing yourself on a sunny day. Take a look at all of your essential rainy day equipment. Are your windshield wipers full, flexible, and effective? If they are starting to crack or aren’t moving water aside as they should, it’s time for replacement. Do you have plenty of windshield washing fluid in under the hood? Are all lights, particularly fog lamps and safety markers, working? Finally, check tire pressure and wear. Slick or overinflated tires can easily make for a bad day.

Once you find your way into a rainstorm, two of your first steps should be to slow down and put your running lights on. If you can do so safely, try not to ride in the standing pools of water that tend to accumulate in worn highway lanes. Also, be aware that all manner of oil and grease deposited on paved surfaces tend to float up at the beginning of a rain storm, making the road particularly slippery. If your vehicle is equipped with cruise control, this is the time to give it a rest. You’ll want to be in tune with the road as much as possible. Turning down the radio is a great plan too, as you’ll be more likely to hear the honks and other sounds that could indicate danger.

Finally, look out for others. As all of us truck drivers know, there’s one safety issue you can never fully account for – the sometimes surprising behavior of other drivers. Sticking to one lane can go a long way, but if you do need to make a change, be sure to signal well ahead of time and exercise discretion in passing. And it goes without saying, but keep a safe distance from the fellows in front. We’ve all seen frantic drivers slam on the brakes for little or no reason, and this is even more likely when visibility is poor.

So next time you’re about to hit the road, be sure to give your rig a once-over to make sure your rain gear is in good order. And once the drops start to hit the windshield, follow these simple tips to keep you and your rig going strong.

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