Bring Safe Driving To The Roads This Independence Day

July 2, 2015 2:15 pm Published by Comment


Who else is looking forward to America’s birthday this weekend? That’s right, this weekend is the Fourth of July and we’re gearing up to celebrate our country’s 239th year! At Smith Transport, we’re looking forward to the celebration and helping ensure it’s a safe one, too.

There will be plenty of folks hitting the road this weekend, so here are a few tips for making sure your Independence Day journeys go according to plan.

1.         Be Prepared

There’s no better way to ward off problems than to stop ‘em in their tracks. Check your tire pressure, make sure essential fluids are topped off, and check those lights. Of course this is a continuous standard procedure for drivers, but remember that holiday weekends are intensified.

Enforcement authorities tend to get out in force, and more commuters are on the road. It’s likely drivers will come across safety inspections, so double check everything! Make sure your logbooks are in order and that your running gear is in solid shape. Be sure you’re using the appropriate cargo tie-downs if you have a load out back. Whether or not you find yourself under inspection, feel rest assured knowing you’ve done all you can for a safe trip.

A happy truck makes a happy—and safe—truck driver!

2.        Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Focusing on the road at all times is key. Distracted driving is a dangerous epidemic on America’s roadways. Especially on a busy summer holiday weekend, families, friends, and young drivers will be on the move. With roads congested more than usual, no driver should rely on others for optimum signaling before lane changes and keeping mobile devices away. That’s why it’s crucial to always be aware and keep a safe distance. This simple step can make all the difference for you and your fellow travelers.

Extra: Visit distraction.gov to learn more about distracted driving, get involved, and help keep America’s roadways safe.

3.        Leave a Little Early

As we’ve mentioned, holiday weekends equal more vehicles on the road. This can also equal more time spent in slowed-down traffic and crowded roadways. Don’t stress yourself out by feeling rushed by bumper-to-bumper troubles. Leave a bit earlier than you normally would for any given trip. That way, you’ll be ready to breeze through your day without feeling the sweat of the clock. It’s always better to be early!

We hope you find these safe truck driving tips useful this Fourth of July weekend. Whatever you do to celebrate our great nation’s independence, we wish you a fun, safe, and happy day celebrating American freedom!


Smith Transport values the men and women who safely deliver our nation’s goods and keep our country moving forward. When trucks stop moving, the country stops moving. THANK YOU all professional truck drivers for their hard work and commitment in tackling one of our economy’s most demanding and important jobs. You move America forward!

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Would you like something else to celebrate this Fourth of July? How about driving for a company that offers great pay, benefits, and a truly helpful and caring network of support? If that sounds great to you, apply with Smith Transport! Contact us today at 866-265-3718 or smith-recruiting@smithtransport.com.

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