5 Tips for a Happy Family Life as a Truck Driver

April 9, 2015 10:09 am Published by Comment

There are tons of benefits for those who elect to start a career in the transportation industry. When it comes to truck driving, those benefits include excellent pay, travel, and plenty of opportunities for advancement. Along the way though, there are some things that you should take into account. Not surprisingly, one of those concerns is how you will balance your time on the road with family time back home.

Many modern trucking contracts allow for quite a lot of time at home, but here are some tips from Smith Transport to make sure that you can find a happy balance in your professional and family obligations.

1.         Plan Ahead

Make sure that your family knows when you are planning to get out on the road. One of the most stressful times can be when your family needs you but you aren’t around. Don’t leave your loved ones scrambling to decide who will run the errands or fix a leaky pipe. Plan ahead to make sure important dates and responsibilities are taken care of before you head to work. A little planning goes a long way.

2.        Schedule Meaningful Family Time

While you’re planning to make sure the basics of family life are covered, factor in some special time. It’s an especially great idea to set aside family time on the day or night before you leave. Maybe go see a movie, or take your special someone on a date. A little close time with loved ones will remind them (and you) how much you care about each other before you go separate ways. Before you hit the road, fill up your tanks with happiness.

3.        Communicate

Keep in touch while you’re at work. In addition to phone calls and text messages, there are tons of free mobile apps you can use to touch base with your family. Programs like FaceTime and Skype are perfect for feeling like you’re there, even when you’re not. Like the old-fashioned way? Mail a letter or postcard from somewhere you’re traveling. It’s a bit more special than a text and is a unique way to share a little piece of your trucking adventure.

4.        Play

Take your communication a step further by playing from a distance. Use your smartphone’s apps to download free games you can play with your kids or anyone else. When you’re not driving, you can make the next move in chess or a scrabble game with the touch of a finger. This is a low-key way to stay in touch and have fun!

5.        Surprise Them

Finally, surprises are always great for showing how much you care about your loved ones. Take a minute to pick up a gift online or at store along your trucking route. Even if you aren’t there for a few days, your family will know you’re thinking and caring about them when your gift hits their door. For those trucking Casanovas out there, roses are an obvious choice!


So there you have it – a few simple ways you can make sure you keep your family happy and relationships healthy while you pursue a rewarding career in truck driving. With a little bit of planning and a spare minute or two out of the day, you can have a fulfilling career and a well-balanced family life at home.

If you’re interested in driving for a company that offers great home time and truly cares about your well-being, consider getting behind the wheel at Smith Transport. We are looking to hire drivers like you! Contact Smith at 866-265-3718 or apply online now.

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