Proof: Trucking Offers Excellent Pay and Benefits

January 28, 2015 1:53 pm Published by Comment

If you’ve looked into a career in the trucking industry, you probably know a little bit about the benefits of starting a new career on the road. Among the perks are flexible hours, paid to travel, competitive pay, and the opportunities for advancement. Still, it can be hard to know who to believe when you are researching any major career decision. Lucky for you, a survey was recently conducted to see just how careers in the transportation industry stack up across the board. The results are in, and trucking is looking good!


The survey by American Trucking Associations left no stone unturned. Surveyors working with ATA compiled hard data from more than 130,000 individual drivers from across the country. They also took into account figures reported by 130 trucking fleets. The results show that trucking is as great of a career path as it ever has been! ATA Chief Economist Bob Costello offered his assessment stating, “Fleets are raising pay and offering generous benefit packages in order to attract and keep their drivers in the face of a growing driver shortage.”

For those of you considering a new career on eighteen wheels, this is great news! Your skills are in demand, and more importantly, trucking companies across the USA are willing to pay in a way that reflects this trucker’s market, including Smith Transport.

Now let’s look at the math. The survey calculated driver pay from around the country, finding that the median annual pay for drivers ranged anywhere from $46,000 to over $73,000. Although pay may depend slightly on which routes you decide to drive and your specific employment contract, these numbers are hard to argue with. With the U.S. median household income hovering at around $53,000 per year, the survey shows that seven out of nine of the categories of drivers surveyed are paid at or beyond this median.


Are you worried about whether your pay will be based on hours or mileage? It turns out that roughly three quarters of truck driving fleets use multiple methods to pay their drivers. Multiple calculators for base pay mean your bases of income are diversified. This makes your pay more steady, predictable, and sizeable. In fact, check out Smith’s improved pay package!

Travel is a fantastic benefit to truck driving, but what about those times of the year when you’d much rather find yourself at home with family? Well, not to worry. The survey found that almost 80% of truckload fleets offered their drivers paid holidays! Looking forward to not working one day? Again, the survey paints a rosy picture for anyone considering work in the trucking industry — it turns out that 80% of private trucking carriers not only offer a 401(k) retirement plan, but they match employee contributions as well!


Still not sure about starting a great career as a truck driver? You can check out a copy of the ATA report here.

Now that you’re interested (as you should be!), check out Smith Transport. Smith Transport is hiring drivers and we want to hear from YOU! Check out our truck driving opportunities on our website and contact Smith today to jumpstart your 2015 career.

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