A Meal Friendly to Your Wallet & Waistline

January 13, 2015 1:24 pm Published by Comment

What’s for dinner? It’s one of the most common daily questions. Whether you ask friend or family member, or it’s something you ponder among yourself, it’s an important one (and well worth answering.) So, what’s for dinner tonight? Why not have something tasty and good for you?

Truck drivers are somewhat known for having unhealthier lifestyles since they’re sedentary throughout the day. We all know it can be difficult to eat healthy on the road… but with 18 wheels on the road, spare tires are better saved for under the trailer–not around the waistline. While appetizing fast food is plentiful, it’s high in fat and gets expensive.

Even though big rigs aren’t exactly sporting professional grade kitchens, it’s possible for OTR truck drivers to eat something flavorful, quick and healthy. How? With soups!


Yes, soups. Sure they aren’t the most exciting of all foodstuffs, but when it comes to healthy living behind the wheel, soup is hard to beat. First of all, it’s extremely easy to fix. No chef’s certification or name-brand appliances needed. Toss a travel-friendly bowl in the ole microwave and you’re on your way to fine eating. Even if it isn’t your first choice in dining, soups will keep for quite a long time if kept under the right conditions. Canned soups can especially keep for months if not years. Of course, check the label before you test any artifacts for freshness.

As far as health is concerned, soups are a great way to keep your figure from affecting the scales at the next weigh station. Most soups are low in calories and fat. Even with their healthy qualities, they aren’t low in flavor. Some kinds are better than others. If you’re liking the way your jeans fit, try to stick to lighter soups. Maybe choose the light chicken noodle over a chubby clam chowder. Also, take advantage of the wide variety of reduced-fat and low-sodium varieties of soup out there. You don’t have to look hard to find excellent and filling choices that are friendly to your wallet and your weight.

Soups will keep you entertained from meal to meal. Hamburgers and pizza are great, but they can only be taken so far. Soups, however, can be made with just about any ingredient you can imagine. This easy meal is hard to beat when you want to mix up your diet on the road.

Soups are perfect for cold weather

Finally, there is one excellent reason for elevating the humble position of soups this time of year. It’s cold! Just like your diesel may need a little heating before turning the engine over, you could use a little warmth before hitting the road. There’s nothing much like a hot minestrone or tomato soup to warm up this winter.

So next time you’re stocking up on goodies for the road, consider rekindling your inner soup-love. It’s easy, fast, healthy and good. It’s a fantastic way to stay healthy and happy on the road, and that’s the way we at Smith Transport like you to be!

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