Why You Should Thank a Trucker Today

March 10, 2014 9:57 am Published by Comment

Being a truck driver is a career unlike any other. It takes sacrifices and dedication to fit the role of a driver. Truck drivers deserve respect and a thank you from all of us. Smith Transport encourages you to express gratitude to drivers. Here’s why…

Trucking can be quite a demanding job. Truck drivers live, eat and sleep in their trucks when they’re on the road. They aren’t able to eat good home cooked meals, or take showers or baths in their own homes, or sleep in their own bed inside their own home. Imagine having to take care of day-to-day duties like cooking and sleeping comfortably in a smaller environment for long periods of time. That’s not an easy task!

Another reason truckers deserve our respect is because they don’t have the luxury of seeing their families at the end of the workday, like many people. Fathers, mothers, grandparents, aunts and uncles aren’t seeing their children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews as often as non-truckers. Husbands and wives are a part from their spouses while they’re on the job. For families, this can be burdensome. The good news is technology allows truckers to interact with their family through Skype, FaceTime and other video chat platforms. Nonetheless, they are taking time away from their loved ones to fulfill their truck driving duties and keep our country moving forward.

Even though drivers chose this unique career path and realize the tough aspects of this position, that is all the more reason to thank a trucker! If it was not for truck drivers, the average individual wouldn’t have the items they need and want. There would be no clothes, food, furniture, cars, boats, etc. If truckers didn’t exist, you would not have access to necessary items. Every day trucks deliver to your neighborhood stores so you don’t run out of the necessities that you need as a consumer for survival. When you buy groceries to cook a meal for your family, it was delivered by truck. When you flip on a switch in your home for electricity, a trucker was involved in that process. When you go to movies, or out to a restaurant, something was hauled by a truck driver. When you shop for your children’s clothing, a truck driver delivered those shorts, shirts and tennis shoes. Isn’t it nice to know the supplies are there when you need them? Without trucks, America stops!

We like these “thank a trucker” quotes:

“Do you order things online? We pick up and deliver on-time! Thank a Trucker.”

“We haul this…you buy that! We need each other and that’s a fact! Thank a trucker.”

“Through snow, ice, winds, and heat…so you can shop on main street! Thank a Trucker.”

“From tools and TV’s to soda and gum…a trucker’s job is never done. Thank a trucker.”

If you bought it, a trucker brought it. It is all around us! Please take a moment and thank a trucker today for what they do and what they sacrifice to deliver goods the community needs. Truckers will appreciate your thankfulness!

Smith Transport would like to thank all of our drivers for their hard work. America moves by truck and because of you, our country keeps moving forward. Be safe and roll on!

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