Smith Transport Golden Eagle Million Mile Club

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Smith Transport Golden Eagle Million Mile Club, created in 2013 to recognize and reward Smith Transport Drivers that have driven at least 1,000,000 SAFE miles during their company driving career. Smith Transport takes great pride in recognizing the inaugural fifty-two drivers to this esteemed club. Forty-six drivers obtained the one million to two million mile level, five drivers obtained the two million to three million mile mark and one driver drove over three million safe miles for our company.

Membership to the club is no easy task. Driving a million safe miles or more can be done as these drivers have proved. We strongly encourage it of all Smith Transport Driving Professionals and we will be pleased to welcome more of our professionals to the club.

All members are offered a New Tractor as they become available.

One Million LevelĀ 

$1,000.00 Award

GEMMC logo embroidered jacket

GEMMC certificate

GEMMC plaque

GEMMC hats (6)

GEMMC logo Pulsar wrist watch

GEMMC tractor logo (2)


Two Million Level

$2,000.00 award

Smith Transport leather Jacket

All of the 1M rewards


Three Million Level

$5,000.00 award

All of the 2M rewards


In addition, a corporate wall plaque will be created and each GEMMC member will have an individual name plate added. This will be prominently and proudly displayed at the Corporate Office in Roaring Spring, PA

Again, congratulations to all of the Smith Transport GEMMC recipients and all of our driving professionals who make Smith Transport what it is today.

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    Are the names of all these guys available to view online?

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