Greg Puryear


“At Smith, they treat you like they want you around. You get a lot of respect from the company and are part of a family. You walk in and everyone knows you by name; they ask about your family and want to know how you’re being treated,” he said. “And they have the best-looking, best-maintained equipment on the road. They don’t put you in junk; everything’s got to be top notch here. That’s just who they are. They’re a company with style and they do things right.”

“I’m very satisfied with the miles and income I get. My checks are really good and I’m definitely making more than at my last company. And one of the best things they have is a mentoring program, where when you’re a new driver they give you the name of an older driver who you can call to ask any questions you might have. It lets a driver know he’s not out there all alone. I’ve enjoyed being a mentor; I’ve made some good friends who I still talk to almost every day.”


Harry Hignutt


“I really like driving with Smith Transport. They give you a lot of freedom and choices. You get to be home every weekend, if you choose.”

“You will make good money here if you do your job. The Smith people know that the wheels have got to be turning to make money and they keep you rolling. I have a good driver manager and he works with me and helps me achieve what I want to do. Plus, we have good bonuses.”

“At Smith, the equipment and maintenance are top notch—I just got out of a 2014 to move into a new 2015. The trucks are very well detailed and every one has an APU.”

“I would highly recommend Smith to any driver. It’s a driver-friendly company that’s a good place for everyone, from younger drivers who are just starting out, to older drivers who already have a lot of experience.”


Wayland Massengill


“If I’m going to drive a truck it will be at Smith! This is where I prefer to be because of their integrity. I’ve had the pleasure to work with two of the best driver managers I’ve ever known—people who are absolute straight shooters. Smith is a good place to be. There’s an atmosphere of mutual understanding and mutual respect.”

“The miles have been good for me. My income on an annual basis has been consistently good. Smith has consistent freight so I don’t sit. Average time waiting for loads is very short. If you keep dispatch well informed the planners will work to keep you moving. Probably 90% of the time you have the next trip before you deliver the one you’re on.”

“Smith works with you and you have a choice of your schedule and home time. Our driver managers are really good at working with you and they’re flexible.”

“I’m able to maximize my time here and keep my income where I want it. You can make a very good living at Smith Transport!”


Claus Andersen


Smith is fantastic for me. If you have a good work ethic and you want to make a great living, it will happen here. They will make sure it happens! You do the best you can do and they reward you.”

“I’m making good money, and I make more every year than the year before. Smith is owned by its employees and I own stock here now. I’ve gotten a mileage bonus every single month I’ve been here.”

“The nice thing about Smith is that we have our own customers and if they ever slow down we can go to broker loads, so we’re always moving. And I have never had any problems with home time. They’ve been fantastic. They get me home on time, every time.”

“I like that the Smith management is personally involved. They’re willing to listen to you and go the extra mile if you have a difficulty. I respect every one in the office and I get respect right back. It’s a people thing: it works really well.”


Jeffrey Bradley


"I’ve driven for 27 years at Smith and over 3 million miles. I originally came here because they had a good reputation and because their equipment is better than everyone’s. I’m still very happy with the equipment they buy and how they keep it up. Hardly anybody else comes close to keeping their equipment looking as good as Smith’s.”

“I’m on a dedicated run and my mileage stays year round and so does my home time. It’s nice to know what my paycheck is going to be. I know the paycheck is always going to be there. I know I can rely on them for that.”

“It’s a real family-like company. We are treated with respect. You can go in and talk to anyone in management, no one’s off limits As long as you do your job, you can rely on them to help you in any way they can. They will really work with you. I don’t think there’s any other company out there that I would want to go to.”